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Passionate About Your Pets

We are a TICA registered cattery.All of our breeding cats are registered and documented with TICA as well.Our breeding cats and kittens are kept, bred and raised indoors and handled daily to promote positive interaction with people.


What we do.

We offer high quality, happy, healthy and most importantly Loved Toygers! We love our cats and project that love onto our kittens as if they were our own. Kittens are sold as pets only. They are microchipped for identification as well as spayed/neutered and vet checked before leaving the cattery. To purchase or reserve your kitten there will be a $500 non refundable deposit that can be paid through PayPal. All payments made through PayPal must include the 3% fee charged by PayPal. The $500 deposit (minus the 3% PayPal fee) will go towards the total purchase price. The purchase price starts at $1800.



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